Participate in our gender-critical at work survey

Sex Matters is undertaking the first ever broad survey of the experience of people who are gender-critical at work in the UK. Being gender critical means believing that sex is real and that it matters in some contexts.

Gender-critical at work? Tell us about it

We want to map the nature, scale and scope of the problem of hostile workplace policies, and harassment and discrimination against people who disagree with gender-identity ideology.

The survey takes about 20 minutes. It is made up of six sections and is mainly multiple-choice questions, but there is a section under “Gender critical at work” where you are asked to describe your experience in your own words, especially if you have faced discrimination or harassment.

(1) About you (2) your beliefs about sex and gender (3) your workplace (4) gender critical at work (5) trade union/professional body (6) solutions

Deadline extended – please take the survey by Monday 7th November.