Trans awareness week leaks

The week of 13th to 19th November is “trans awareness week”. Workplaces will be festooned with pink and blue flags, and employees will be encouraged to pledge allegiance to the idea that “trans women are women”, attend educational and memorial events and become “allies”.

While transgender people are rightly protected from harassment and discrimination at work by the Equality Act, these awareness and allyship programmes may be designed by people who do not recognise that people with gender-critical beliefs are similarly protected.

The programmes run the risk of encouraging harassment and creating a hostile environment for people with gender-critical beliefs. For example, trans awareness week activities may involve:

  • employees being put under pressure to participate or declare allyship
  • employees being put under pressure to express beliefs they don’t hold (compelled speech)
  • materials which disparage gender-critical views (for example by defining them as transphobic).

This could amount to or encourage harassment (under the Equality Act, this means unwanted conduct that has the purpose or effect of violating a person’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them, in relation to a protected characteristic).

If the training and materials distributed give misinformation about the Equality Act, this creates a risk of harassment and discrimination when staff act on the misinformation.

Leak your week!

If trans awareness week is happening in your workplace, take notes, photos and screenshots, and keep copies of documents, slides, posters etc. You can upload them here. Let us know whether we can publish the material or whether it is just for our information. We promise not to share your name.

Note: It is best not to send us anything with other people’s names on (delete them from documents and emails, redact them by colouring over them with a drawing tool or put a piece of paper over them before taking photos).