Our mission, vision and values

Sex Matters is a human-rights charity.

Read our September 2022 Mission, vision and goals report as a PDF.

Sex matters in law and in life.
It shouldn’t take courage to say so.

Our mission:
to promote clarity about sex in law, policy and language in order to protect everybody’s rights.

Sex Matters is a human-rights charity.

Our objectives are to:

promote human rights where they relate to sex

advance education about sex and the law

promote the sound administration of the law in relation to sex and equality in the law

How do we do it?

We inform public debate by undertaking research and analysis.

We shine a light on problems within institutions
and help them find their way back to the law.

We listen, collect stories and experiences and turn them into usable evidence.

We educate people and organisations about human rights and the law in relation to sex, and help people use the law to protect their human rights.

Why sex matters for human rights
Sex and the law – a short guide to your human rights in everyday life

We enable people to take action in their community and in relation to organisations they can influence, from schools and swimming pools to employers and Parliament.

Our vision

It is easy and safe to speak about biology

The ordinary truth about the two sexes can be expressed without confusion or stigma.

Law and policy are clear about the sexes.

Protection against sex discrimination is understood as important.

Freedom is respected

Belief in gender identity is accommodated like any other belief in a secular, multicultural society.

People with beliefs about gender identity know they can express them but cannot impose them on others.

Children are protected

Children are supported to be happy and confident in their bodies.

No child or teenager believes they need to modify their body to match their gender non-conformity.

Why support us?

We are pragmatic and non-partisan

We are professional and effective

We are for women and men

We are based on a human-rights framework

We make things clear and simple

We know the law