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Confusing sex and gender identity creates risks in the healthcare system.

To treat people safely and effectively, doctors, pharmacists and other clinicians need to be able to access accurate information about a person’s sex.

More than ten years ago the NHS recognised the need for clear systems for recording biological sex and social gender. It carefully set up a system of data and definitions which could deal with both. The official data standard written in 2009 explained:

“The term ‘Gender’ is now considered too ambiguous to be desirable or safe… “

Sex and Current Gender Input and Display User Interface Design Guidance

The data standard set out definitions for patient “sex” and “current gender” and warned:

“Users may confuse the terms current gender and sex, or assume that they are synonymous. Therefore, it is essential that all NHS applications display and explain current gender and sex terminology and values in a clear and consistent manner.”

Sex and Current Gender Input and Display User Interface Design Guidance

The NHS recognised that sex also matters in relation to interactions with healthcare professionals. For example, patients can request to be seen by a GP of a particular sex, or to have a chaperone for any procedure. For overnight stays in hospital, since 2010 there has been a policy of “single-sex wards” recognising that sex matters in interactions with other patients.

As Andrew Lansley, the then Health Secretary, said:

“Patients should not suffer the indignity of being cared for in mixed-sex accommodation. I am determined to put an end to this practice, where it is not clinically justified.”

Lansley promised that patients would be in single-sex accommodation, such as a bay which only consists of people of the same sex, and they should be able to access washing and toilet facilities without having to pass through a part of the ward or another ward where there might be people of the opposite sex. He called this “the kind of privacy and dignity people have a right to expect”.

What is the problem?

In practice the NHS has adopted gender self-identification, completely undermining these policies.

After carefully setting up a system to record both sex and social gender, the NHS does not use it. People requesting their medical records commonly find that the sex field is left blank and their sex is recorded as their gender. This can then be changed at a patient’s request – but it means that nobody’s sex is reliably recorded.

This means that patients’ health can be put in danger if their sex is not communicated to healthcare staff.

Across the healthcare service doctors, managers and inspectors are being told to mentally replace sex with “gender identity” at all times. This creates a loophole in their ability to identify inappropriate behaviour and abuse of power which relate to sex.

These policies are embedded across institutions, covering both patients and healthcare professionals:

  • Patient records – The GMC tells doctors to change a patient’s sex as recorded on medical records on request. This does not require any medical diagnosis, anatomical changes or a gender-recognition certificate. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are warned not to “disclose a patient’s gender history” (i.e. sex) “unless it is directly relevant to the condition or its likely treatment”.
  • GP surgeriesPublic Health England tells GP surgeries to change a patient’s recorded sex on their medical record at any time, without requiring diagnosis or any form of gender-reassignment treatment. They are given a new NHS number and previous medical information must be transferred into a newly created medical record. They will be sent screening appointments (for example, for cervical smear tests or prostate cancer screen) according to their new gender – that is, invitations to attend the wrong screenings.
  • Pride in Practice” is a “quality assurance” scheme run by the LGBT Foundation. It works with GP practices, dental surgeries, pharmacies and optometrists. Its philosophy is that it is important to encourage healthcare professionals to record a person’s trans status and sexual orientation, but not to record their sex. It advises that on transferring medical records “any information relating to the patient’s previous gender identity should not be included in the new record” if it reveals their sex.
  • Doctors – The General Medical Council register lists all doctors practising in the United Kingdom, showing their registration status, training and “gender” (male or female, so actually sex). Doctors are allowed to self-identify their gender. If they change change their name and ask for their “gender marker” to be changed, a new GMC number is issued – so that there is no accurate public record of the person’s career as a doctor.
  • Hospital staff – NHS hospital trusts (such as West SuffolkCambridgeshire and PeterboroughBrighton and Sussex) practice self-identity for all staff. The gender identity of staff is allowed to replace their sex on records and in policies, and there is no consideration of how this impacts on the rights of patients who may want to see a healthcare professional or a chaperone of a particular sex.

Patients who request to see a female doctor may find themselves being examined by a doctor who is male, without their consent. Without clear policies for obtaining consent and addressing the difference between sex and gender, professionals may find themselves put into positions which patients experience as assault.

And “single sex” hospital wards in practice are mixed sex according to NHS policy which states that:

“Trans people should be accommodated according to their presentation: the way they dress, and the name and pronouns they currently use. This may not always accord with the physical sex appearance of the chest or genitalia… Non-binary individuals, who do not identify as being male or female, should be allocated to the male or female ward according to their choice.”

This approach undermines the privacy, dignity and wellbeing of other patients, for example:

“A Lancaster mum whose bi-polar disorder left her believing men were conspiring to kill her said she was left terrified when she was locked on a women’s psychiatric ward with an ‘extremely male-bodied’ transgender patient. When she raised her concerns with hospital staff, however, she said she was not taken seriously and her medical notes implied that she was a ‘transphobic bigot’.”

The Care Quality Commission inspects healthcares services to check if they are safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs, and well led, including whether it has systems to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent abuse from happening. If you can’t envisage the possibility of a risk (or you can, but are prevented from speaking about it) then you cannot begin to consider what reasonable steps could be taken to protect the needs of everybody.

The CQC’s equality statement tellingly omits the Equality Act’s protected characteristic of sex (and mistakenly replaces “gender reassignment” with “gender reassignment/identity/expression”). Like so many public bodies, the CQC is a member of the Stonewall Champions scheme. Its management at the highest level has set an objective to gain a higher placement on the Stonewall Index. The equality strategy mentions Stonewall three times. The words female and sex do not appear once.


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  • This is not a system error

    An Epic crisis is unfolding in the NHS

    Since October, several NHS trusts in England have been using new £450 million NHS patient-data software produced by US-based IT company Epic Systems. This has been programmed by local teams to record the “gender identity” of babies. For adults, the system has been programmed to register patients according to...

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    Statement on the reference to suicide made during the Westminster Hall debate

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    What’s wrong with WPATH version 8?

    Guest post by James Esses, of Thoughtful Therapists On 6th September 2022, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) published its updated Standards of Care: Version 8. WPATH was founded in 1979 as a self-regulated membership body. Its stated purpose is to “promote evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy,...

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    “It is now — not the good times — where all that work you did on purpose and values matters. Like a winter coat, integrity is only tested in storm.” Matthew Taylor The NHS Confederation is the membership body for NHS services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its...

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  • The NHS Confederation's approach to “Trans Allyship” promotes discrimination.

    Sex Matters writes to the NHS Confederation

    The NHS Confederation is the membership body for NHS services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its members employ over 1.5 million staff, care for more than a million patients a day and control £150 billion of public expenditure. It recently sought bids for a piece of work to create:...

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    Converting minds or bodies? 

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    On 28th July Dr Hilary Cass, the eminent paediatrician commissioned by the government to review paediatric gender-identity provision in the NHS, made an announcement that vindicated everyone who has criticised that provision, often at considerable personal cost. The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), England’s sole NHS clinic for under-18s...

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    What is conversion therapy?

    Stella O’Malley of Genspect explains… “Gay conversion therapy” is the term given to attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay to straight. This includes demeaning and painful practices such as electric shocks, forced watching of pornography and, in extreme cases, “corrective rape”. Such abhorrent practices are now...

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  • “Conversion” therapy or just therapy?

    On 23rd May 2022 an article appeared in the i news stating that Dr Az Hakeem was under investigation for attempting to “practise transgender conversion therapy”. Dr Az Hakeem is a psychiatrist now in private practice after more than 15 years working in the NHS. He is Fellow of...

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  • Good ideas that address complex issues are not handed down to us on stone tablets. Good ideas need time, space and the application of intelligence to be formed.

    Reading University VC speaks up for academic freedom

    On 25 April 2022 Dr Holly Lawford-Smith, of the University of Melbourne, gave a seminar at Reading University’s school of law. She analysed Australia’s recent legislation banning conversion therapy, and questioned the rationale for including gender identity alongside sexual orientation. “We champion freedom of expression but…” When local LGBTQ+ organisations learnt...

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  • Has your MP fallen for a simple slogan?

    Was your MP one of the ones who posed with a sign about banning conversion therapy? It is worth writing to them urgently. Make sure they hear the other side. Use our form to send them Dr Hilary Cass’s interim report and Sex Matters’ report on the “Ban Conversion...

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  • A misguided campaign

    No ban on talk therapy for gender-distressed children in Queen’s Speech

    It has been confirmed in the Queen’s Speech that the government intends to pursue a limited ban on “conversion therapy” aimed at practices intended to change sexual orientation but not to include in this therapy to resolve gender distress. But the “ban” campaign continues to promote simplistic slogans about...

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  • How did a campaign to criminalise the most effective treatment for gender-distressed children make it from the margins to the mainstream with no evidence?

    What is behind the campaign to ban conversion therapy?

    The campaign to ban “conversion therapy” has come out of nowhere, to suddenly dominate the priorities of organisations such as Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids, GIRES and the LGBT Foundation. There have been protests and petitions, and these groups pulled out of a planned international conference on human rights when...

    4th May 2022

  • "Where a clinical intervention is given, the same ethical, professional and scientific standards have to be applied as to any other clinical condition."

    The Cass Review’s interim report is out

    The report shares initial conclusions that reflect many of the concerns raised by Sex Matters.

    12th March 2022

  • Responses to the government consultation on banning conversion therapy

    The government's consultation on conversion therapy has now closed, and the responses are being analysed. More than a thousand people used the form on our website to send the government their own responses to the consultation.

    11th February 2022

  • “We are gravely concerned by the attacks on the Equality and Human Rights Commission and call for you to support it.”

    Will the Joint Committee on Human Rights defend the EHRC?

    Sex Matters has written to the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) to urge it to write to the United Nations to confirm its parliamentary role in overseeing the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and stating its confidence in the EHRC, after recent attacks which have sought to...

    9th February 2022

  • It’s not too late to talk to your MP!

    Sex Matters supporters have been speaking to their MPs about the proposed legislation on conversion therapy. Their reports from face-to-face and telephone meetings highlight the need for a proper review of the proposals.  Supporters who have managed to speak to their MPs tell us that some have been surprised...

    2nd February 2022

  • Logos of organisations listed

    Organisations unite to praise the EHRC

    Twenty different campaigning groups from across the UK have come together in a statement of response on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s recent communications – with the UK Government about conversion therapy and with the Scottish Government about reform of the Gender Recognition Act. The EHRC has come...

    31st January 2022

  • Take action. Respond to the consultation.

    Conversion therapy consultation extended!

    We asked you to tell your MP to #presspause on the conversion therapy consultation. Thousands of you did, they listened, and we’ve got what was needed: an extension of eight weeks.  The next step is to get as many people as possible to respond to the consultation and we...

    9th December 2021

  • Conversion therapy: calling for legislation without evidence

    Last week at an event at Middle Temple, Sex Matters Chair Naomi Cunningham highlighted the lack of evidence for harm from “gender identity conversion therapy” (a broad and undefined term being used to promote rushed legislation). Jayne Ozanne, the chief promoter of this proposed legislation, called this “offensive and...

    22nd November 2021

  • Have you emailed your MP ?

    Nearly 2,000 people have emailed their MP to say #presspause on #conversion therapy ban Here are the ones with the biggest postbags so far. Numbers count, so keep sending Lucas, Caroline 39 Kyle, Peter 18 Zeichner, Daniel 18 Starmer, Keir 17 West, Catherine 15 Eshalomi, Florence 15 Heald, Oliver...

    19th November 2021

  • Conversion therapy update

    1500 people have already used our 2 minute form to write to their MPs asking them to #presspause on the government’s conversion therapy consultation. Many people have written that it’s the first time they’ve contacted their elected representative about anything and hundreds have shared deeply personal reasons for their...

    17th November 2021

  • Press pause on conversion therapy law

    The Government is consulting on its proposal to introduce a new law banning “conversion therapy”. They are aiming to introduce a Bill to parliament in time to celebrate this as an achievement at their “Safe To Be Me: Global Equality Conference” in June 2022. They are therefore undertaking a...

    14th November 2021

  • GEO research finds no evidence for banning transgender “conversion therapy”

    The UK government is proposing making it an offence for therapists to question the gender self-identity of children or vulnerable people. They asked a research team from Coventry University to study the evidence on "conversion therapy". This is our rapid review of that evidence.

    3rd November 2021

  • Government launches conversion therapy consultation: Sex Matters’ response

    A rushed six-week consultation has been launched, with the claim that this will stop under 18 year olds making irreversible decisions. But will the threat of criminal penalties be used to pressurise parents and therapists who don't take an affirmation approach to gender identity?

    28th October 2021

  • What does the National LGBT Survey Show about Conversion Therapy

    Is there evidence of an urgent epidemic of conversion therapy?

    One piece of evidence that is often cited in support of a ban on “conversion therapy” is the the Government’s LGBT Survey undertaken in 2017. 108,000 people responded. 2% of all respondents reported having previous undergone conversion therapy and a further 5% said they had been offered it. A...

    6th October 2021

  • Reviewing Annex B: Briefing for policy makers

    NHS Hospitals: “single-sex” accommodation cannot be mixed sex

    The NHS’s current policy places rapists who identify as women in “single-sex” hospital bays and mental health units for women. Sajid Javid has promised to review this policy. Sex Matters today publishes our policy proposal for how to do this. As an NHS nurse told a panel at the...

    6th October 2021

  • The EHRC must step up and provide clarity on single-sex services

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission is consulting on its strategic plan for 2022–2025. We have made a submission in the form of a letter to the incoming head of the EHRC, Marcial Boo. Sex is one of the nine protected characteristics for which the EHRC is responsible. Fostering...

    5th October 2021

  • Truth and reconciliation

    How should the public sector leave the Stonewall Champions Scheme?

    6th June 2021

  • Time to #LeaveStonewall

    This is the letter we have sent to the CEOs of the 850 organisations that are members of the Stonewall Diversity Champions Scheme. Re: Leaving the Stonewall Diversity Champions Scheme We are writing to call on you to withdraw from the scheme, both for the sake of your own...

    29th May 2021

  • Sex, gender and medical data: a way forward

    Susan Bewley, Margaret McCartney, Catherine Meads and Amy Rogers published an article in the British Medical Journal calling for clarity about sex and gender in medical records and data.

    This a "rapid response" from Sex Matters co-founder Maya Forstater that was published online by the BMJ.

    23rd March 2021

  • NHS: let’s talk about sex

    This tweet by Emma Parnell, Lead Service Designer at NHS Digital and the associated Medium post “Lets Talk About Sex” is interesting. Parnell writes in detail about how she worked to remove the question of whether a patient is male or female from the online system for booking COVID...

    20th March 2021

  • Call for Evidence on Women’s Health

    The UK government has launched a 12 week call for evidence on women’s health and care to understand women’s experiences and form the basis of a new Women’s Health Strategy. The 6 core themes included in the call for evidence are: Placing women’s voices at the centre of their...

    7th March 2021

  • General Medical Council: Sex Self ID by doctors

    The General Medical Council allows doctors to change their recorded “gender” (which they record in place of sex) through a simple process of Self ID. Doctors who change their name and their recorded gender get a new GMC number. Two separate register entries will appear on the medical register....

    5th January 2021

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