LGB Christians

UK-based network formed in October 2023 of lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians challenging homophobia and championing freedom, faith and sex-based rights.

Aims to defend the rights of same-sex attracted people in the face of increasing backlash, confusion, and risks caused by ideas which replace the biological reality of the two sexes with self-defined gender identities.

Informs churches and other Christian organisations on specifically LGB issues; campaigns and educates with other groups on the rights, needs and contributions of LGB Christians through seminars, lobbying, debate and dialogue

Assists those suffering from discrimination, harassment or stigma on account of their sexual orientation or beliefs about sex, through networks of legal, social and spiritual support and provides a safe space for reflection on what it means to be gay, lesbian or bisexual and Christian – through social gatherings, prayer, retreats, publications and conferences.

Email: [email protected]