Trans Widows Voices

A trans widow is a woman (usually heterosexual) whose male partner or husband believes that they have a gender identity other than “man” or who cross-dresses.  Often women also report having experienced that their husband or partner has autogynephilia (AGP).

Women in this situation report feeling as if their male partner has died.  This is particularly the case if their partner or husband came out as trans and decided to transition. The transformation is usually so complete that their partner is unrecognisable as the man they married, both in looks and in personality. The woman will be forbidden from calling her husband by his previous “dead name”.

“Trans widow” is the name chosen for and by women in this situation as a label to gather around and to identify with.  

The website is not currently a support group but exists to share the experiences of trans widows; it has a ‘Leave now’ button to quickly hide the website from view.​