Send our guidance to a school you know

Sex Matters and Transgender Trend have published new guidance on the Equality Act for schools in England.

Send our guidance to a school Fill out our form with the school's details We send the guide You follow up with the head teacher

It is designed to help schools set clear, fair policies in relation to girls and boys, including pupils experiencing gender distress. It includes guidance on:

  • admissions
  • protection against bullying
  • name changes
  • pronoun requests
  • communicating with parents
  • record-keeping
  • safeguarding
  • single-sex facilities
  • teaching about sex and gender

Use the form below to send the guidance directly to any state or private school in England.

It takes less than five minutes. Follow the steps below.

You will need the name and email address of a person (such as the head teacher) to send it to.

We strongly recommend you send it to the school with your name, saying if you have a child or grandchild at the school, and use the form to include a short personal note to make sure it is read.

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