Single-sex services matter to me

Can you help us launch our report by sending us a picture of yourself?

"Single-sex services matter to me"

This year Sex Matters asked people why single-sex services matter to them. Thousands of women and men, young and old, from all around the country, told us their experiences and concerns. We have written a report which aims to provide policy makers and service providers with clear and compelling evidence why single-sex services and spaces matter.

We would like to bring it to life by featuring lots of photographs of people, which we will use on social media and to make a short video. Whether you took part in the survey or not, you can contribute to this crowd-sourcing project by sending us a picture.

What kind of picture do we want?

Just a selfie with your phone! Here are some tips…

  • Put the phone on a shelf or mantlepiece and set it up with a timer so you can take a step back.
  • Landscape orientation is best.
  • Leave some space around your head
  • Make sure the background is not too distracting or cluttered.
  • No flags, banners or slogans please.
  • You can be smiling or serious.
  • Don’t include children.

Upload your picture in by Friday 8th July.

Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed.