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Clarity about sex is crucial for safeguarding everybody’s human rights.

We are campaigning to establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language and culture. We aim to:

What we do

  • We lobby for clarity on sex in law and institutions.
  • We publish research, guidance and analysis.
  • We support and mobilise people to speak up.
  • We hold organisations accountable.

Our principles

  • Reality

    There are two sexes: female and male. People shouldn’t be afraid to say this.

  • Clarity

    Organisations and governments should be clear about the sexes and where sex matters.

  • Human rights

    Everybody’s human rights matter, including private life, freedom of beliefs and speech.

  • Democracy

    A cohesive society depends on open debate and evidence-based policy making.

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Sex matters in law and in life.
It shouldn’t take courage to say so.

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