Sex matters in life and in law.
It shouldn’t take courage to say so.

Make the Equality Act clear!

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Clarity about sex is crucial for safeguarding everybody’s human rights.

We are campaigning to establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language and culture. We aim to:

What we do

  • We lobby for clarity on sex in law and institutions.
  • We publish research, guidance and analysis.
  • We support and mobilise people to speak up.
  • We hold organisations accountable.

Our principles

  • Reality

    There are two sexes: female and male. People shouldn’t be afraid to say this.

  • Clarity

    Organisations and governments should be clear about the sexes and where sex matters.

  • Human rights

    Everybody’s human rights matter, including private life, freedom of beliefs and speech.

  • Democracy

    A cohesive society depends on open debate and evidence-based policy making.


  • Let Women Speak in New Zealand

    “The only way to describe the trans activist mob at Auckland today is feral. Kellie-Jay Keen had to get...

    26th March 2023

  • Everyone should be welcomed into sport, of course, and everyone must have a fair category in which to compete.

    Fairness matters in sport

    Philosopher Dr Jon Pike has written a guest blog post for Sex Matters, based on his recent article published...

    24th March 2023

  • Claims that trans-identifying males are at risk of poor mental health, sexual violence and suicide if placed in male prisons are based on little to no evidence.

    A policy in search of evidence 

    Why we need to treat with caution claims about the specific harms of keeping trans-identifying men in male prisons

    21st March 2023

  • Sex Matters in the Equality Act webinar: Thursday 30th March 2023 7.30pm to 8.30pm

    Sex Matters in the Equality Act webinar

    Our director of advocacy, Helen Joyce, will be talking to our chair, Naomi Cunningham, and our executive director, Maya...

    20th March 2023

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