Martin Carr

Brand strategist

Martin Carr is a consultant in brand strategy and organisational development – specialising in arts and culture, higher education and place – as well as a trustee of a number of cultural institutions. He was co-chair of the People’s History Museum until 2021, has been a trustee of Manchester Literature Festival and serves on other cultural boards. He is one of the founders of Discuss, a forum for public debate and engagement in Manchester, and has also been a director of the Design Business Association.

“The ideological subversion of biological sex by gender, with wilful disregard for all of the law, facts, science and the rights and safety of women and vulnerable young people – zealously policed in a culture of ‘no debate’ – is possibly the most totalitarian thing I have experienced in my lifetime. It has resulted in too many of our institutions pursuing a policy of blind adoption, without consideration of consequences. We need to talk. And Sex Matters is a voice of sanity questioning the emperor’s new clothes.”