It’s time to make the Equality Act clear

Our 20-page booklet summarises the results of our new poll and explains the reasons behind our proposal.

Read our single-sheet briefing for MPs on the petition and amendment.

It's time to make the Equality Act clear June 2023

Source material

A six-page graphical summary of the figures from our poll: a nationally representative sample of over-18s, polled online on 15th May 2023 by PeoplePolling.

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All the data from our poll as text-only tables.

Sources of quotes

The full report from our survey on why single-sex services matter, which we have quoted from in the booklet.

“There is no straightforward balance, but we have come to the view that if ‘sex’ is defined as biological sex for the purposes of Equality Act, this would bring greater legal clarity in eight areas.”

Equality and Human Rights Commission, Letter to the Minister for Women and Equalities, 3rd April 2023

“The conflation of the terms sex and gender in both the Gender Recognition Act and Equality Act has led to widespread confusion and disagreement.”

Women and Equalities Committee, Reform of Gender Recognition Act: third report of session, 20 December 2021

There is considerable uncertainty, and controversy, as to whether possession of a GRC makes a difference to the ‘sex’ of a person when their rights or position under the Equality Act 2010 are considered.”

Women and Equalities Committee, Call for evidence on the Gender Recognition Act: Response from the Employment Lawyers Association, 27th November 2020