Let’s get it done

Read about the story so far in our campaign to make the Equality Act clear and protect single-sex services, sports and associations – and find out how to support the next phase of the campaign.

Making the Equality Act clear – the story so far

What next?

You made the debate in Westminster Hall happen; now can you help us get the legislation done? We are asking the government to add one line to legislation. This will make all the difference.

  • It must act quickly. There is limited time before the next election, the government can get this done, but will need to act quickly and consult before it can make the change.
  • It can do it simply. This is a one line change to legislation and it can be made using a statutory order (there is a specific power provided for this in Section 23 of the Gender Recognition Act).
  • It will have public support. Government will act if more people speak up to say “I support single-sex services”.

We know the government is taking the proposal seriously. We say: let’s get it done!

In the next phase of the campaign, Sex Matters will:

  • develop a campaign pack that our supporters can share to get as many people as possible speaking up to say “I support single-sex services”
  • further develop the technical proposal and legal analysis
  • brief ministers and officials
  • work with grass-roots campaigners to demonstrate public support for single-sex services
  • get stories and comment into the media
  • inform and engage with experts about the legislative proposal and the human rights involved.

Will you support us?

Donate today to help us get the campaign pack into production. The campaign pack will build on the momentum of the petition to help our supporters take action, to talk to their MP, their local council, local services, friends and relations to get as many people as possible speaking up to say “I support single-sex services”.

Donate £10 today to help us kickstart campaign pack into production and you’ll be one of the first to receive it when it’s finished – we’re hoping to include posters, conversation cards and wrist bands.

Donate more and help the next stage of the campaign to take off. 

Could you turn your donation into a regular commitment to support us? Regular donations make a huge difference to what we can achieve.

If you’re already a regular supporter, why not share this page of the story so far with a friend by email, or post on social media?

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