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Sex Matters is promoting a petition to parliament calling for the government to update the Equality Act 2010 to make clear that sex means sex in the Equality Act. The aim is to get to 100,000 signatures so that we prompt a debate in parliament. The petition will run till 20 April 2023 but we would like to get to 100,000 well before then.

We need as many as people as possible to promote the petition

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Add this to your phone homescreen!

We have made a super simple quickstart page for the petition. – you can send it as a link to , or put it on your phone and then get them to add their email address directly – they can either sign the petition or ask Sex Matters to send more information.

  • How to add this to your Android home screen: open Google Chrome and go to . Tap the three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner. Select Add to Home screen.
  • How to add to an iPhone home screen. Go to . Tap the Share menu button. Scroll down and select Add to Home Screen.

Put the campaign on your social media profile

Download our social media profile graphics and use them on your profiles.

Read our campaign briefing and watch the video

Download the campaign briefing

All the campaign resources

We will keep adding to this

A short link to the quick start page
Put this on your phone, show it to people, get them to sign!
The petition link This takes you straight to the official
Campaign introduction A longer introduction to the campaign from Sex Matters
Constituency mapShows you how many people have signed in your
Constituency hex mapThe same thing, but each constituency is shown the same size on the
LeaderboardHow many people have signed in each constituency
Some text for a direct messageAdapt it for your own messagesMessage text
Some text for an emailAdapt it for your own messagesEmail text
Profile pictures and headersFor Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – put them on your own profileSocial media profile graphics
Campaign briefing8 page illustrated briefing on the campaign
WRN webinarMaya and Helen present the campaign to the Women’s Rights NetworkYoutube
A poster to print outComing soon
Frequently asked questionsComing soon

Keep it going up!

Got an idea?

If you have got feedback or an idea for something else we could do to help you get the word out, let us know. We can’t guarantee we will do everything, but we are open to suggestions.