ONS reverses decision to ask clear sex question on the census

The ONS has reversed its decision not to allow self-identified answers to the sex question in next month’s Census.

On 22 January, 2021 The UK’s Chief Statistician, Professor Ian Diamond, confirmed on BBC Radio 4’s Today program the question “what is your sex” should be answered according to someone’s LEGAL SEX, and not self-ID

However, a government source has now confirmed that the ONS will be guiding people to answer according to what’s on ‘legal documents…such as a passport’. Other documents, including passports, do not record legal sex. They can all be updated *without* a GRC. A birth certificate is the only official document that records legal sex

The UK government recently decided legal sex should not be based on self-declaration after an extensive public consultation on GRA reform.

Despite earlier assurances that the Census will not gather data on sex based on self identification, it is now on the brink of sacrificing the quality of this data despite clear warnings from experts.

Source: Fair Play for Women