SEEN in health

SEEN in Health

Formed in May 2024, SEEN in Health is a staff network for all NHS employees and staff delivering NHS services from NHS locations. To join, you must have an email addresses from an eligible official organisation.

The network is committed to promoting and supporting sex equality and equity in NHS workplaces, while upholding the NHS Constitution.

It aims to create an environment where staff can discuss issues related to the protected characteristic of sex and speak up for themselves and for patients, and where the specific sex-based needs of different staff and patient groups are represented in internal NHS discourse.

SEEN in Health believes that:

  • every patient has the right to receive evidence-based care, free from ideological bias, and consideration of sex is essential for NHS staff to be able to deliver that
  • information for patients should use medically accurate terms which can be understood by all
  • there should be no hierarchy of rights and the NHS should comply with its public sector equality duty.

SEEN in Health will facilitate the creation of local NHS SEEN staff networks to work with existing networks.

    Twitter: @SEENinHealth

    Email: through website