Police SEEN UK

UK policing’s national sex equality and equity network, launched in January 2024 with a mission to restore fairness, impartiality and trust to policing.

For all serving police officers and police staff who hold lawful sex-realist and gender-critical beliefs.

Aims to ensure that police forces return focus to the Peelian Principles and uphold the law as it is written, free from ideological bias and the influence of politically motivated activist employees and lobby groups.

Recognises that self-ID is not the law in the UK and it is not appropriate for activists to train officers and staff in law, guidance and policy.

Concerned about the inaccurate collection of data; members of the public and police officers being wrongly targeted, disciplined and harassed; clear breaches of the law and the code of ethics losing public confidence and trust in the police.

Twitter: @PoliceSEENUK

Email: [email protected]