SEEN in Sport

Network set up in April 2024 for all players, coaches, officials and parents who believe that women and girl’s sport should be for biological females only

Female categories were instigated by governing bodies precisely because there is a biological difference between men and women, and fair play is only meaningful when these categories are protected. There are inherent safety risks both while playing, and in changing rooms and toilets, and it is vital for these to be safe single-sex spaces for women and girls.

We believe that many national governing bodies are in breach of the Equality Act 2010, by not protecting these categories. We recognise that it is tough for players, coaches, parents and officials to speak up.

We believe sport is and can be for all but, to grow the women and girl’s game and protect females in sport, those who are biologically male should participate only in open, mixed or men’s categories.

Twitter: @SportSEENuk