Book campaign update

There has been an amazing response to our campaign to put copies of Helen Joyce’s book Trans: when ideology meets reality into the hands of influential people.

So far over 673 copies have been sponsored. We expect even more people will join in the campaign over the month of August (when the lucky recipients start receiving them).

Sponsor a copy

Some people have sponsored a book individually, and some in small groups. A group in Wales is coordinating to sponsor Senedd Members together. 

Nominate your MP

More than 420 MPs and representatives of devolved legislatures have already been nominated to receive the book, but about half of the total members of parliament have yet to be covered.

If your MP isn’t on the list of those already sponsored you can sponsor a copy to be sent to them.

Or someone else!

People have been coming up with great ideas for other people to send the book to.

Twenty-five people have nominated headteachers, seven university leaders. Senior civil servants from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, GCHQ, HMRC, and the Scottish Prisons Authority have been nominated, as have the CEOs of charities including of Marie Curie, WWF-UK, Girl Guiding Scotland and Save the Children. Local authority chief executives in Brighton and Hove, Edinburgh, East Sussex, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham will be getting a copy. Media executives, authors and journalists have been nominated.  Philip Pullman will be getting a copy and so will Lord Herbert. 

And lots of donors have left it to Sex Matters to chose the recipient.

Personal messages

27% of book sponsors have written personal messages. 54% of sponsors have asked to remain anonymous.

Here are some of the messages