Sex Matters is a charity!

This week the Charity Commission has approved our application to be registered as a charity. Sex Matters is now established as a charitable incorporated organisation with objectives to :

  1. promote human rights where they relate to biological sex
  2. advance education about sex and the law
  3. promote the sound administration of the law in relation to sex and equality in the law.

The board of trustees is Naomi Cunningham (chair), Dr Michael Biggs, Rebecca Bull, Julia Casimo (treasurer) and Dr Emma Hilton.

Being registered as a charity reflects that Sex Matters’ work is for public benefit, and that our values are worthy of respect in a democratic society. 
– Naomi Cunningham

Maya Forstater has been appointed as CEO.

Women and men all over the world who think that sex matters are refusing to be silenced, shamed or smeared. We are proud to be a part of this movement. 
–Maya Forstater

The successful application involved a long process of assessment by the commission, about why our objectives meet the criteria of being for public benefit, that our board members understand the statutory obligations of charitable trustees and that we have policies for effective day-to-day decision-making. 

We will continue to work with organisations, grassroots groups, activists, experts and politicians from all parties who bravely stand up for women’s rights, child safeguarding, gay rights, freedom of speech and the integrity of our institutions. 

We are grateful to LGB Alliance, which paved the way by standing up to a legal challenge against its charity registration.

One of the first things we will do as a charity is apply to intervene in the For Women Scotland case, in the Supreme Court, in support of its legal case to make clear that sex-discrimination protections in the Equality Act relate to actual sex. If women are not clearly recognised in laws and policies, then women’s rights will not be protected.

Administratively there is some work to do before we can start accepting donations to the charitable incorporated organisation; we will be in touch with supporters as soon as this is organised. Join our mailing list and we will write to you.

Read the frequently asked questions about the charity.