We did it!

Crowd fund campaign succeeds in sponsoring “Trans book” for all MPs

Thank You We Did It

Over the summer Sex Matters supporters raised nearly £20,000 to fund a copy of the book TRANS by Helen Joyce for every Member of Parliament, and member of the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments, as well as over 200 other significant people.

The last batch were posted today!

Some 1,185 copies of the book have been dispatched to Westminster, Holyrood and the Senedd.

Helen Joyce’s book sets out the harms that the radical transactivist movement and the idea of gender self-identification has done to women’s rights, women’s sports, the sterilisation of gender non-conformining children, the corruption of medical and scientific research and the fear created in workplaces and universities by outlawing ordinary speech about sex. 

We’ve heard from people who had been writing for years without a response from their MP, who have finally heard back from them as a result of this campaign.

MPs are talking about the issue in corridors about this issue, and being asked about it by journalists at the party conferences. Helen’s book will provide them with some information to support those discussions.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a copy.

Email your MP to tell them.