Why UCL decided to leave Stonewall

UCL (University College London) has published the documents about its decision not to re-join Stonewall.

“Should UCL subscribe to programmes and submit to an evaluation scheme that are politically and ideologically contested?”

The 186-page paper UCL and Stonewall gives contextual background and presents the case for and against UCL working with Stonewall:

  • pages 1 to 8 give an overview of the reasons for re-assessing the relationship
  • pages 9 to 13 consider the benefits
  • pages 13 to 21 consider the arguments against
  • pages 23 to 174 show UCL’s 2020 Stonewall Workplace Equality Index submission
  • pages 175 to 186 are submissions from UCL members for and against UCL’s continued participation in the Stonewall Diversity Champions Scheme.

The published minutes summarise how the meeting on 10th December 2021 was conducted and the arguments put to the Academic Board.

This note explains why the Management Committee decided to accept the advice of the Academic Board.

On Twitter, Professor Alice Sullivan noted that:

“The Academic Board meeting was constructive, collegial, and informative. Questions regarding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and academic freedom are too important to be outsourced. It is vital that we discuss and decide upon such matters openly as an academic community.”