Stop the hate campaign against women

Will you sign our letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asking him to condemn the violence and intimidation against gender-critical women?

On 8th July 2023 a violent criminal – Sarah Jane (previously Alan) Baker – stood up at a public event and told the cheering crowd “If you see a TERF, punch them in the fucking face!”

The police were there but did nothing. When women reported the threat, the police at first said there was no case to answer. And when they finally responded to public and political outcry and the case got to court, the judge accepted Baker’s explanation that his words were just a “joke”.

This is just one example of the escalating campaign of threats and intimidation against all those who stand up for women’s rights, and the way that institutions that are meant to protect us are failing to.

We have produced a short film demonstrating this pattern, and have written to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asking him to take action to halt an escalating campaign of violence and intimidation against women in the name of “trans rights”.

The campaign of hate and intimidation against women who stand up for women’s rights is no joke. It is time that this rising tide of hatred against so-called “TERFs” is taken seriously by the government and by police, the Crown Prosecution Service and courts.

We call on the state to defend us against physical intimidation, threats of violence and assault, and to protect our freedom of speech. We are asking the Prime Minister to: 

  • condemn the violence, threats and intimidation of gender-critical women
  • commit to taking action
  • issue a call for evidence 
  • commission a rapid review on the impact of extreme transactivism on women’s rights
  • identify the specific actions that must be taken by the police, Crown Prosecution Service, courts and prisons to ensure that women’s rights are upheld.

Read the letter.

Your name will not be made public.

The deadline for signatures was Tuesday 31st October. Thank you to everyone who signed – look out for news of our visit to 10 Downing Street to deliver the letter, signatures and comments.

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What happened when you sign the letter

  • We included you in the count of people who signed, and will tell him the total when we deliver the letter to Rishi Sunak. 
  • Your full name will not be made public, but we may use your comment and first name in the campaign and to share with the government (you can put just an initial).
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