Gender-critical: your rights at work

The Equality Act 2010 protects people from being discriminated against at work because they have gender-critical beliefs. Employers need to understand that they have a responsibility to protect their gender-critical employees from discrimination and harassment.

Raise awareness of your rights at work

1. Download our leaflet to print out or share

2. Tell us to tell your employer

Over the next few weeks will be writing to Stonewall Champions and other organisations to remind them about belief discrimination and send them the leaflet. Nominate your employer and we will write to them too.

3. Fly the flag on your desk!

Print out a Sex Matters flag for your desk. Fly the flag against belief discrimination.

If your employer has rules about expressing political allegiances in the workplace, you should comply with them. But they do need to be even-handedly applied: it’s not acceptable for an employer to permit or even promote sex denialism while suppressing “gender critical” beliefs.

4. Make your own briefing

Got more questions? Select your own questions to make a customised briefing with all the answers.

5. Put up a poster!