#TalktoyourMP about conversion therapy

The government is consulting on its proposal to “ban conversion therapy”. The consultation ended on 4th February. But it’s still worth setting up a meeting to talk to your MP.

Tell them you are concerned that the proposed law will:

  • threaten parents, teachers, therapists and youth workers with prosecution if they do not affirm that a child is “born in the wrong body”
  • make it harder for children experiencing gender issues to access supportive, exploratory mental health care and lead to more being convinced that they must change their body (a modern form of conversion therapy)
  • put the concept of “gender identity” into law, and outlaw doctors from disagreeing with a patient’s self identified gender – self-ID by the back door.

Talk to your MP

One of the most effective things you can do is #TalkToYourMP. It doesn‘t matter if your MP is supportive or not. What matters is that you speak to them, face to face if possible. If you haven‘t done this before that may seem daunting.

  1. Click on the orange bar above to get started – email your MP and ask for an appointment
  2. You can invite a friend to come with you – we will send them an email too
  3. Follow up with a phone call – make an appointment and go and see them in person (or by Zoom etc… ).
  4. Send a tweet: tell others!