Right now: write to your MP about the debate

The debate on our petition to make the Equality Act clear will be held in Westminster Hall on Monday 12th June. This is an important opportunity for MPs to discuss the issues and arguments on all sides. Afterwards a government minister will respond.

Use our form to write to your MP today and ask them to take part. It is crucial that MPs understand the strength of feeling on this issue.

UPDATE 5th JUNE 2023: We have updated the letter to send a copy of our polling results booklet.

The text can be edited to add any specific points you want to raise. We suggest inserting a paragraph towards the end, before “I would be happy to talk to you further about the debate”. You could give a personal anecdote about why single-sex services matter to you or, if you are an employer or service provider, why you need the law in this sensitive area to be clear and easy to understand and follow.