Sponsor a copy of ‘Trans’ book

Let’s get a copy of Helen Joyce’s book into the hands of the UK’s decision makers.

This campaign is now closed.
Thank you to everyone who sponsored a copy!


What if someone else has already sponsored a copy for my MP / representative?
If more than one person sponsors a copy for the same MP or representative, we will send them a single copy with all the messages from everyone who has nominated them, and use the funds to sponsor a copy to another MP, representative or civil servant.

Here is the list of those who have already been nominated and those who haven’t.

If you have already sent one to your MP, contact us and we will take them off the list.

Who should I nominate to receive a copy?
You can nominate anyone in the UK. It might be someone you were at school with, who is now CEO or HR Director of a large company. It might be your boss, or your ex-boss. Maybe you know a senior manager in the NHS; or someone who is a mayor or police commissioner?

Perhaps you think the headteacher at your child’s school should read it. Maybe it’s just a friend who is particularly outgoing, and talks to lots of different people. Maybe you could use it to say a friendly “hello” to someone you’d like to reconnect with.

Can I donate more than one copy?
Yes, you can send as many as you like! Just come back to this page each time to add the details of who to send it to.

Do I need their address?
You don’t need to fill in the address for MPs, members of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament or Northern Ireland Assembly. But for everyone else, give us an address to send it to (we will keep this safe, we won’t share it with others, and we won’t send them junk mail).

What if the person I nominate has already been nominated?
We will email you.

About donating

Sex Matters is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (company number 12974690). All donations will be used in pursuit of our mission.

Unless you choose to make a public donation, your details (name, donation amount and comment) are kept private. Our Privacy Policy applies to this service. We will erase the names and addresses of the people we are sending the book to after we have posted the book.