Urgent: write to your MP to ban “modern conversion therapy”  

The deadline for this campaign was the King’s speech on 7th November.

Don’t ban talking – ban “modern conversion therapy” Write to your MP

The government is still considering publishing a bill banning “conversion therapy” in England and Wales. We have written to the government to tell them to stop fighting yesterday’s battles with the conversion-therapy bill and instead to ban “modern conversion therapy”.

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Write to your MP today

Last year more than 3,000 Sex Matters supporters wrote to their MPs about the proposal to ban conversion therapy and the plan was kicked into the long grass. Now the government is threatening to revive it and it is time to write to your MP again before the King’s speech on Tuesday 7th November

Sex Matters and our supporters have argued against the proposal to try to ban any form of talking therapy in relation to gender identity, raising concerns that such a law would:

  • threaten parents, teachers, therapists and youth workers with prosecution if they do not affirm that a child is “born in the wrong body”
  • make it harder for children experiencing gender issues to access supportive, exploratory mental health care and lead to more children being convinced that they must change their bodies (a modern form of conversion therapy)
  • put the concept of “gender identity” into law, and outlaw doctors from disagreeing with a patient’s self identified gender – self-ID by the back door.

Join us in writing to your MP today to tell the government that if anything should be banned it is “modern conversion therapy” – rushing children and vulnerable people into physical interventions that leave them sterilised and without sexual function.

Use our campaigning tool to send an email to your MP – and feel free to personalise it. It only takes a couple of minutes.

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