Banning conversion therapy: responses to the government consultation

This government consultation ran from 29th October 2021: the deadline was extended to 4th February 2022 after women’s rights organisation Fair Play For Women threatened a judicial review if the deadline for public responses was not made longer than the initial six weeks.

The plan to criminalise conversion therapy has been shelved. This page catalogues organisational responses to the plan.

Sex Matters produced our own response and also published our analysis of the two documents produced by Coventry University that the government shared, and a range of other posts, publications and resources on this topic.

Gender-critical organisations

Many gender-critical groups and individuals responded the call for evidence, including:

Bayswater Support Group
For Women Scotland
Gay Men’s Network
Labour Women’s Declaration
LGB Alliance
Merched Cymru
Our Duty
Transgender Trend
Keira Bell and Transgender Trend asked Jeremy Hyam QC for a legal opinion
Women’s Human Rights Campaign


Domestic Abuse Commissioner
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Scottish Human Rights Commission

Professional organisations

British Medical Association 
British Psychological Society
General Medical Council
General Pharmaceutical Council
Health and Care Professions Council ((UK-wide statutory regulator of healthcare and psychological professions governed by the Health Professions Order 2001)
NASUWT teachers’ union
Pharmacists’ Defence Association’s (PDA) LGBT+ Network
Psychotherapy and Counselling Union
Scottish Association of Social Work and Social Workers Union
Thoughtful Therapists 

Religious/belief-based organisations

Association of Christian Teachers
Christian Medical Fellowship
Christian Ministers and Pastoral Workers
Christians Support The Ban
Evangelical Alliance
International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice
LGBT Humanists UK
National Secular Society
Open Table
Proud Science Alliance

Trans activist organisations

Galop (UK LGBT+ anti-abuse charity)
Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)
Metro Charity
Naz & Matt Foundation
NHS Confederation
Peter Tatchell Foundation
Stonewall Scotland, Equality Network, Scottish Trans Alliance, and LGBT Youth Scotland


Women’s Policy Group NI

The consultation only affects England and Wales. The Scottish Parliament’s Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee has also published a report.