Sex Matters at the Education for Women’s Liberation conference

WPUK Education for Women's Liberation

UCL Women’s Liberation SIG and WPUK

Saturday 4th February 9am to 10pm

Institute of Education UCL, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL

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Come to our workshop on education

Sex and gender in schools: what parents can do

Join Helen Joyce, Maya Forstater and Naomi Cunningham from the Sex Matters team to talk about why parent power matters and what parents can expect when they engage with their children’s schools on issues of sex and gender, including curriculum and policies on single-sex spaces, sports and social transition.

WPUK 2023Sex Matters schools workshop handout
One-page summarySocial transition cannot be lawfully accommodated in schools 
Sex Matters: Sex and gender identity in schoolsSlide presentation from the workshop
Sex and gender identity: keep your pupils safe and comply with the law – guidance for schools in England
This revision of our May 2021 guidance, produced together with Transgender Trend, draws on the interim report of the Cass Review, recent legal cases on freedom of belief, the EHRC’s new guidance on single-sex services, and a YouGov survey of teachers.
Sex and gender: model policy for schoolsSex and gender: model policy for schools
Sex and gender in schools: what government guidance needs to saySex and gender in schools: what government guidance needs to say
Sex Matters analyses what the Department for Education’s guidance should say, and sets out ten principles against which it should be judged.
Resources for parents
Starting points for parents looking for support, advice and information about how to help gender-questioning, gender-distressed and trans-identifying children.
Sex Matters updates on schools and safeguarding
NEW: School checkHow to tell if your child’s school has been captured by gender-identity ideology

Hear Helen’s closing plenary

4.30pm to 5.30pm 

With Julie Bindel.